"Я выжил при внедрении ERP - Десятка лучших драгоценных советов, которые я выстрадал на своей шкуре"

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Понятные и близкие ;-) выводы-причины, почему внедрения ERP (и не только ERP) проходят с таким скрипом: I Survived an ERP Implementation – Top 10 Gems of Advice I Learned the Hard Way

Это должен знать и принимать во внимание каждый, кто начинает внедрение! :-)


10. Don’t be fooled by the system sales team.

9. Whatever time period (and budget) you think will be required to go-live, you are most likely underestimating it.

8. There is no possible way you can over-communicate.

7. Training – see #8. Ditto.

6. Data is sexy. Learn to love it; treat it with respect and care.

5. A lack of change management will bite you in the butt.

4. 80% is good enough for go-live? This is an oft-quoted rule of thumb. It seems to me that the outlying 20% always ends up taking a disproportionate amount of effort to work around.

3. If you’re budgeting for a reduction in manpower, don’t.

2. Think your processes can’t possibly change to match the “out of the box” solution? Think again.

1. ERP implementations are equal parts politics and emotions. Ignore the effect of either of these at your own peril.